Time Model




I had written Francis Gaspalou telling him I was interested in working on a time model for the magic square.  I was specifically interested in a magic square example where the next sequential number was a nearest neighbor. He suggested the Loubere and Bechets squares for my consideration.  If one looks at their cylindrical or torus representation … the above criteria are satisfied.






#1. Fine structure of time























Loubere’s time stabilization and confinement



















Examining         Form (b)


How can one take three structures that exhibit little or no mass …

And combine them into a structure that exhibits …

Great mass?





Figure above ….


When a section of space cools to the point where an interval of time can proceed to 9 x its fundamental unit  … then an organization at that point is possible to proceed from form a … to form b.  Form b represents the smallest possible configuration that allows symmetry on all rows and columns.


The three unique forms above allow balance upon decomposition to one dimension on any axis.


















How space organizes itself … given the time